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WIN VEST Corp. unveils WiN, aims to take the Wireless Intelligence Network market by storm

Mr.Rojanin Nopchalermroj, the Founder of Winvest Corporation Limited and Dr. Chairoj Nopchalermroj (second from right), the honorable advisor of the company, on behalf of Winvest Corporation Limited, together with the firm’s Board Of Directors, have joined the unveiling event of the “WiN”

Winvest Corp.Ltd. unveils WiN system, prepares to take on role of global internet service provider through its new Wireless Intelligence Network technology, Blockchain and A.I.

: Winvest Corporation Limited to unveil the Wireless Intelligence Network ‘WiN’ system, bringing advanced technology “Blockchain” and “A.I.” to provide the best internet service, turning users into providers under the concept of “Wireless Sharing”, and digital wallet in the WiN ecosystem platform.

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