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Thai Lotte and Lotte Japan donate products worth a total of 2,800,000 Baht to Chaipattana Foundation in aid of the 2011 flood victims.

Dr. Sumet Tantiwejjakul, Secretariat, Chaipattana Foundation, was recently presented with Lotte Japan’s imported shipment of Lotte Custard Cake and ZEC biscuit worth a total of over 2,800,000 Baht (Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand Baht) by Thai Lotte Co., Ltd.

Thai Lotte and Poh Teck Tung Foundation donate rehab bags worth 568,000 Baht to victims of the 2011 flood. Contents include Lotte Koala March, Lotte Xylitol and Lotte Stick Gum.

Sales Manager Akira Shimisu of Thai Lotte Co., Ltd. recently led a party of volunteering employees to present 568,000 Baht

Thai Lotte offers 1.1 Million Baht worth of Lotte Koala’s March as donation

Ms. Philailak Boonma (4th from the right), Director of Thai Lotte Co., Ltd., was a representative of Thai Lotte to donate 1,100,000 Baht (One Million One Hundred Thousand Baht) of Lotte Koala’s March products to Channel 3 News Family

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