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       PR Focus Company Limited is a Public Relations agency established in early 2009. The company has been granted opportunities by leading companies in Thailand to oversee their PR-related activities and campaigns. Those include True Corporation Plc., one of the leading telecommunications in Thailand, Roche Diagnostics (Thailand), one of the world’s leaders in providing healthcare solutions, and SSUP 1991 Company Limited, the producer and distributor of Cute Press.

      PR Focus consists of experienced personnel who have been working in the public relations industry for many years. The success of the company can be seen through the accomplishments of PR activities of the aforementioned clients. The company’s slogan is “Your Success is Our Focus’.

       PR Focus is the Public Relations company with an expertise to blend in its very own PR experiences to perfectly suit any business individuals and corporate needs. 

       PR Focus is run by new generation PR professionals who act as an effective medium of news and information between clients and the public via all types of media.  Fast, accuracy and efficiency are the main keys to succeed our client’s goals.

       PR Focus is specialized not only in creating all kinds of PR campaigns to build corporate images of organizations but also conducting special marketing activities to promote any particular service and product through simplistic communication channels set directly to the right target groups.   

       PR Focus is committed to providing PR consultant services to clients at all levels. Our main goal is to facilitate our clients all PR related matter in order to bring success to their businesses. We consider your success our achievement.


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