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PR. Consultant

      PR Focus provides consultant service for our clients, acting like a business partner to create top image and reputation for both company’s executives and the brand itself. Acting as a representative for clients in all kinds of PR work, we pledge to deliver the most efficient outcome for all responsible tasks.

Press Conference

     PR Focus acts as an organizer for press conferences, framing the overall theme and activities of the event, preparing related promotional materials and also providing guidelines to our clients in the delivery of interview answers.

Press Release

PR Focus is a professional publisher of press release. Our writing team is consisted of skillful and experienced members with broaden knowledge in marketing, security, finance, company listing and social issues.

Photo Release ( Photo Caption )

PR Focus provides professional photographing service for publication of photo release. We also provide photo captions and writing of pictorial news stories, which will be promptly delivered to related media groups

Event , VDO Presentation , Performance

To best serve the outcome of strategic marketing, PR Focus also organizes event, performances and VDO presentation. In this area, 


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